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We cannot give an instant answer to this question. A staff member will contact you based on the type of work. He or she will discuss the details with you to get a clear picture of the job’s size and complexity. You will then receive a very clear, transparent quote. Upon approval, the job will be scheduled and executed.

Of course! When you request a quote, we will try to contact you within 3 days to offer a custom quote. The quote will be valid for 60 days.

We mainly operate on the Antwerp – Mechelen – Brussels axis, but we accept jobs throughout the Flanders and Brussels regions.

They are. All our staff have the skills necessary to do the work independently or under the supervision of a foreman. The people working on the job have the knowledge to do their jobs well.

After an exploratory meeting and the signing of the quote, you will be in direct contact with a foreman or technical supervisor. Depending on the type of job, the site is visited by a foreman every day.

It will depend on the type of job whether we can help you. If you have a company, you can see a summary of our ongoing jobs here. If you are an individual, take a look here.

If your job is not listed, you can make your request using our contact form. We do a wide range of tailor-made jobs.

Safety and sustainability

Safety is in everyone’s interest. Our hands are obliged to respect the applicable safety precautions. They work with earmuffs, gloves, safety shoes, etc.

They are aware of the potential hazards on building sites and they all have professional equipment for working safely. Safety is an important priority at Manus. Manus has zero tolerance in this respect: safety first.

The environment and sustainability go hand in hand. Manus is committed to using environmentally friendly products only. Find out more on how we do this.

The social economy

Companies working in the social economy strive towards a social benefit. They give priority to the human aspect of business. They endeavour to offer quality and sustainable jobs. People take precedence over profits. Continuity and profitability are achieved in a sustainable, responsible way.

Target staff for the social economy are people who are finding it difficult to reach the labour market. There are many socio-economic reasons why someone is not ready for the labour market. The social economy looks after these people by offering them a permanent job and by preparing them for the mainstream labour market.

Landscaping maintenance

We do not us pesticides. We work in an environmentally friendly way with a minimum impact on the environment. We remove weeds on hard surfaces with brush machines and burners, for example.

A standard team consist of 2 people. The team will be bigger if required by the job’s size or complexity.


We try to schedule jobs as soon as possible. Of course, this depends on the jobs we have on-going with our customers.

We use the most effective products for the job. We only work with environmentally friendly products with a minimum impact on the environment.

Our cleaning team consists of a wide range of men and women who do their job with great care and enthusiasm. Franky, Dela, Mohamed, Ali and Vanessa will be happy to help!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us using the form.