About Manus
Manus, more than a helping hand
Quality and safety,
the keys to success

Manus aims to achieve excellent quality of service. We use a simple formula for this:

Satisfied staff
+ quality management
= satisfied customers

We set the bar at least as high as the mainstream economy. Again the motivation behind this is that it is the only way to prepare our workers for successful advancement.
As a result, we achieved the ESF quality label in 2010 already.

All our sites are safely organised and all staff work according to the legal safety rules. Almost all our staff – including the foremen and support services – have obtained the certificate for Safety for Operational Supervisors / Contractor Safety Checklist (VCA-VOL).

Manus believes in sustainability

Sustainability is not a buzzword for Manus. It is ingrained in the Manus genes. Our core business, manual work, is by definition the ‘cleanest’ form of work. Sustainability also entails the following at Manus:

  • We only work with cleaning products that meet the strictest environmental criteria.
  • We never work with pesticides or herbicides. We remove weeds either manually or with brush machines or gas burners. The fuel we use for hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and lawnmowers is environmentally friendly.
  • Native plants are preferred for garden beds.
  • We always use water-soluble paint.
  • We travel to our sites by bicycle and public transport as much as possible. Our fleet also includes four electric vehicles (Goupil).

We are always aware of the environment: we always weigh up a decision’s impact on our ecosystem and we try to reduce that impact as much as possible. Want to learn more about how we work? Contact us

Who are we and what are our values

Manus is a social enterprise company offering cleaning, landscaping and renovations to businesses and individuals. Anyone in need of an extra pair of hands can rely on us. Manus combines social responsibility with excellent quality and a commercial approach.

We focus on long-term relationships and we are committed to the development of our people and to giving them that little push they need to move on to mainstream employment.

Buurt-en doorstroom-

Manus contributes to a pleasant, clean, safe neighbourhood. Everyone working at Manus is aware that Manus is not the final destination. We prepare our people for a job in the mainstream economy.

I am very satisfied with the enthusiasm our workers and management have shown in their work every day.

Katleen Vermeiren
Manus Director