About Manus
Manus, more than a helping hand
Manus, the start of a new career

Manus is an advancement company: everyone working for Manus is convinced that Manus is not their final destination. Our staff, foremen and management all work together to ensure that our ‘hands’ move on to a job in the mainstream economy. With a personal development plan, training courses, professional guidance and a motivated framework, we make sure that our staff is ready for a job outside the social economy.

The common green thread through our development is work. We teach our manual workers to function in an environment that is as much as any normal working environment as possible. That is the only way we can realistically prepare our staff for a job in the normal economic circuit.

Advancement matrix:
external work works!

When someone is ready for a job outside the social economy (ready for advancement), Manus offers several options. We use our advancement matrix to see the jobs our partners have available that are suitable for our ‘hands’. We look for the best method to get someone a permanent job in a private company. Each method is linked to a programme type the worker can join on the condition that he or she has reached the required advancement standard. This standard is a quality guarantee. All workers joining a programme have the necessary social and technical skills. These are documented under a personal Manus ID.

Our staff ensure that Manus has the financial strength to educate and prepare the next generation of hands for their new career. As a local company supporting advancement, Manus’ main task is to work on this advancement standard. Find out here how we do this every day. If you want to receive more information on our advancement matrix and the current programmes with our partners or if you want to be a partner yourself, contact us.

Working for a pleasant neighbourhood

Manus is very visible and many of our staff are approached spontaneously in the street. Our hands work for a more pleasant, clean and safe neighbourhood and are therefore very well liked.

To see our people at work is inspiring: a lot of people spontaneously put themselves forward to be part of the enthusiastic Manus team.

Who are we and what are our values

Manus is a social enterprise company offering cleaning, landscaping and renovations to businesses and individuals. Anyone in need of an extra pair of hands can rely on us. Manus combines social responsibility with excellent quality and a commercial approach.

safety and

Manus aims to achieve excellent quality in its service. We set the bar just as high as in the mainstream economy.

We use a simple formula to this effect.

The impact of our “neighbourhood cleanup” events is huge on our workers, but also on the local residents. And that is precisely our objective.

Aomar Ghazaoui
Antwerp North Foreman