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What does a job
at Manus involve?
What can I expect from a job at Manus?

Our staff work in landscaping maintenance, cleaning and renovations. Depending on your skills and your preference, you will be assigned to a team. Your colleagues will help you in your work and a foreman will manage the team. We assume that you have a good attitude, you are eager to learn and you want to move on to a new career as quickly as possible.

Working at Manus means that you will be working in an environment where you receive help to further your development for up to 3 years. At Manus our job coaches accompany you on your journey to help you find a job afterwards. We will give you lots of opportunities. Grab them!

Personal development plan (PDP) and advancement

At Manus we prepare our staff for the private labour market. That is why we invest heavily in teaching technical and social skills for advancement. Advancement is a term used in the social economy when workers in subsidised employment in the social economy move on to private or mainstream employment.

A personal learning programme at Manus

To make advancement easier, each Manus member of staff has a Personal Development Plan (PDP). Each new worker is assigned a foreman as a coach. When someone joins Manus, we evaluate his or her skills. This results in action points that the foremen, work counsellors and job coaches can work with. Based on observations, interviews and evaluations, we go through the process together. With adjustments and training, we try to prepare the workers for a start in a new career as much and as soon as possible: a job on the mainstream job market.

The advancement standard:
a quality guarantee

The Manus worker receives guidance on the shop floor every day and is assessed every three months. After one year Manus checks whether someone has reached the advancement standard.

The advancement standard is a set of skills a person must have to work in an advancement programme.

If the standard is not achieved after one year, then another programme starts which lasts another year. You can follow the programme a few times, but the process is not indefinite.

Eagerness is what counts!

Besides some practical conditions for joining Manus, it is important that you really want to roll up your sleeves.

Pay us a visit

You are always welcome at our branches in Antwerp or Brussels for an introductory chat. Bring your identity card and possibly a CV.

Focusing on personal ambitions and skills gives our workers more confidence.

Christophe Parijs
Manus Job Coach