Manus for individuals
Call our team of handymen
Our team led by our foremen can do a wide range of jobs for you.

What we can do for you:

  • Minor renovations
  • Painting
  • Colour and material advice
  • Plasterboard placement and finish
  • Small repairs

Manus works in an environmentally friendly way. We only use water-soluble paints and materials with a minimal environmental impact. We work with professional machines and strive towards perfect quality.

All our renovation workers are well trained in:

  • Painting techniques
  • General renovation techniques
  • Safety at work
  • Customer satisfaction

All my odd jobs were completed by friendly workmen. Thanks to Manus, my home is in excellent shape again.

Magda Vogels

What will the job cost?

We cannot give an instant answer to this question. A staff member will contact you based on the type of work. He or she will discuss the details with you to get a clear picture of the job’s size and complexity. You will then receive a very clear, transparent quote. Upon approval, the job will be scheduled and executed.

Are your staff well trained to do the jobs?

They are. All our staff have the skills necessary to do the work independently or under the supervision of a foreman. The people working on the job have the knowledge to do their jobs well.

Who is my contact during the work?

After an exploratory meeting and the signing of the quote, you will be in direct contact with a foreman or technical supervisor. Depending on the type of job, the site is visited by a foreman every day.

How do I know the work is done safely?

Safety is in everyone’s interest. Our hands are obliged to respect the applicable safety precautions. They work with earmuffs, gloves, safety shoes, etc.

They are aware of the potential hazards on building sites and they all have professional equipment for working safely. Safety is an important priority at Manus. Manus has zero tolerance in this respect: safety first.

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