Manus for individuals
Manus rolls up its sleeves.

Manus helps with cleaning, landscaping maintenance, renovations and manual work. Our people work hard and accurately and can rely on proper training and excellent support. Safety and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

Our services:

We shine at cleaning.

Manus has green fingers.

Call in our team of handymen.

jobs are safe
in our hands.

All my odd jobs were completed by friendly workmen. Thanks to Manus, my home is in excellent shape again.

Magda Vogels

When things go right, people deserve feedback too. In recent weeks everything has been exactly as it should be at the local office on Statiestraat. The cleaners are doing an excellent job.

Elke Van de Vel

I am very satisfied with the work that was carried out. I took a look at the garden together with the workmen and I told them I was very satisfied. I hope I will be able to use Manus’ services again in the future.

Ginette Lambrecht