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Are you looking for workers who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves? Do you have some job openings that often prove difficult to fill? Are you a company with social responsibility and sustainable employment high on the agenda? Is your human resources department spending a lot of energy on recruitment and selection, even though it is not part of your company’s core business? Then Manus is your perfect partner at hand. In its own company Manual services selects experienced, skilled workers of whom it firmly believes they will take the step into the mainstream economy. Our service is unique because we continue to follow up and coach your future personnel for a year. In short, Manus is a smart partner to be working with.

Thanks to our internal skills policy and advancement standard, we can offer profiles that have already acquired the necessary basic competencies. That is our quality guarantee!

I am very satisfied with the enthusiasm our workers and management have shown in their work every day.

Katleen Vermeiren
Manus Director

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Does our view of social responsibility and sustainable employment suit your company? Enter into a partnership with Manus.

What does the Social Enterprise Decree mean for the social economy and your business? How can you achieve advancement and competency management? Manus offers advice