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With the implementation of the Social Enterprise decree  the social economy has most definitely moved into a new direction. The existing funding options and regulations were thoroughly changed to give the sector a more sustainable character. This transition is an additional burden to many companies. If your company is struggling with the new challenges, let Manus be your sounding board.

Advancement, the new mantra

Those who operate in the social economy often hear the term advancement. But what is it exactly? How can you achieve advancement in your company? How can you prepare your staff to take the leap into the private labour market? How do you engage in skills management?

Over the past few years Manus has worked hard to prepare the organisation for advancement. Our framework and hands are convinced that advancement is the only solution. Manus designed an advancement matrix with our external partners to guide our staff and to ensure they are prepared for their new career in the best possible way. Our hands are integrated seamlessly into mainstream companies through internal advancement, individual advancement and collective advancement.

Find out more about the advancement matrix here.

My workers are ready for advancement. What now?

Thanks to our portfolio of companies, we now also offer guidance to your staff with our advancement programmes. If you do not have the time to actively look for job openings at social enterprises or mainstream companies, let Manus help you. We will use the Manus ID project to match workers with possible employers from our network.

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