Manus for businesses
We shine at cleaning.
Our cleaning team specialises in three areas:
  • Cleaning common areas
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Office cleaning

Our cleaning section also has specific experience with:

  • Cleaning reception rooms and theatres
  • Cleaning schools
  • Cleaning underground car parks and garages
  • Graffiti removal
  • Removal of litter and illegal waste in public and semi-public places

At the request of our customers, we assembled a team in 2012 that specialises in clearing and thoroughly cleaning houses, studios and apartments.

Manus’ operations are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We work with professional machines in a safe working environment whilst striving towards perfect quality.

All our cleaners are well trained thanks to the training courses of our well-known supplier Boma.

Our foremen provide quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of our satisfied customers:
Municipality of Dilbeek – Van Gansewinkel – Woonhaven Antwerpen – Woonpunt Mechelen – Lierse Huisvestigingsmaatschapij – BOTA 75 – AB vastgoedbeheer – DC&D-Advocaten – Zappa – De Lijn

Reliable, smooth cooperation – Pleasant contact with workers and supervisors alike.

Nele Hens
VM Vastgoedbeheer

Are your quotes non-binding?

Of course! When you request a quote, we will try to contact you within 3 days to offer a custom quote. The quote will be valid for 60 days.

In which regions do you operate?

We mainly operate on the Antwerp – Mechelen – Brussels axis, but we accept jobs throughout the Flanders and Brussels regions.

Are your staff well trained to do the jobs?

They are. All our staff have the skills necessary to do the work independently or under the supervision of a foreman. The people working on the job have the knowledge to do their jobs well.

Is your work environmentally friendly?

The environment and sustainability go hand in hand. Manus is committed to using environmentally friendly products only. Find out more on how we do this.

How fast can you do a new job?

We try to schedule jobs as soon as possible. Of course, this depends on the jobs we have on-going with our customers.

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We shine at cleaning.

Manus has green fingers.

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Social enterprise
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Does our view of social responsibility and sustainable employment suit your company? Enter into a partnership with Manus.

What does the Social Enterprise Decree mean for the social economy and your business? How can you achieve advancement and competency management? Manus offers advice