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Tailor-made jobs are safe in our hands
Manus also does tailored work for its customers.

Our experience with our current partners has taught us how important it is to respond to the various requests made by customers. Manus has available an entire team specialised in meeting urgent requests from customers as soon as possible. Our foremen work with the customer to achieve a quick, quality solution to the problem. Should our own staff not be able to do the work themselves, we will gladly refer you to one of our partners.

In the past we have placed road signs, cleared festival fields, provided assistance as parking attendants and stewards, etc.

Thank you again for sending us these lovely people, who were very eager to get the job done.

Chris Vostes
Druiventros restaurant

Are your quotes non-binding?

Of course! When you request a quote, we will try to contact you within 3 days to offer a custom quote. The quote will be valid for 60 days.

In which regions do you operate?

We mainly operate on the Antwerp – Mechelen – Brussels axis, but we accept jobs throughout the Flanders and Brussels regions.

Who is my contact during the work?

After an exploratory meeting and the signing of the quote, you will be in direct contact with a foreman or technical supervisor. Depending on the type of job, the site is visited by a foreman every day.

I have a specific job. Can you do this for me?

It will depend on the type of job whether we can help you. You can see a summary of our ongoing jobs here.. If your job is not listed, you can make your request using our contact form. We do a wide range of tailor-made jobs.

How fast can you do a new job?

We try to schedule jobs as soon as possible. Of course, this depends on the jobs we have on-going with our customers.

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Tailor-made jobs are safe in our hands.

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Does our view of social responsibility and sustainable employment suit your company? Enter into a partnership with Manus.

What does the Social Enterprise Decree mean for the social economy and your business? How can you achieve advancement and competency management? Manus offers advice