Manus for businesses
Manus has green fingers.
Manus has built a very good reputation
for landscaping maintenance over the years:

.All our gardeners are well trained in:

  • Trimming techniques
  • Machine maintenance
  • Safety at work
  • Customer satisfaction

Manus is known for its quality work that visibly improves the neighbourhood and focuses on general maintenance of public and semi-public areas.

What we can do for your business:

  • Trimming and pruning bushes and hedges
  • Maintenance of fields and gardens, mowing, edges, etc.
  • Weeding in an environmental and therefore manual way between plants
  • Machine weeding of hard surfaces through burning or brushing
  • General garden maintenance
  • Planting

Our foremen provide quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of our satisfied customers:

Logement Molenbeekois – Municipality of Evere – Digipolis – Technopolis – Kluwer – City of Antwerp – City of Mechelen – City of Lier

Clear communication, very flexible and good finish

VZW Lokaal Cultuurbeleid Berchem

Are your quotes non-binding?

Of course! When you request a quote, we will try to contact you within 3 days to offer a custom quote. The quote will be valid for 60 days.

Are your staff well trained to do the jobs?

They are. All our staff have the skills necessary to do the work independently or under the supervision of a foreman. The people working on the job have the knowledge to do their jobs well.

How do I know the work is done safely?

Safety is in everyone’s interest. Our hands are obliged to respect the applicable safety precautions. They work with earmuffs, gloves, safety shoes, etc.

They are aware of the potential hazards on building sites and they all have professional equipment for working safely. Safety is an important priority at Manus. Manus has zero tolerance in this respect: safety first.

Do you use pesticides for weeding?

We do not us pesticides. We work in an environmentally friendly way with a minimum impact on the environment. We remove weeds on hard surfaces with brush machines and burners, for example.

How many people will be working at my site?

A standard team consist of 2 people. The team will be bigger if required by the job’s size or complexity.

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We shine at cleaning.

Manus has green fingers.

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Social enterprise
with Manus

Does our view of social responsibility and sustainable employment suit your company? Enter into a partnership with Manus.

What does the Social Enterprise Decree mean for the social economy and your business? How can you achieve advancement and competency management? Manus offers advice